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SITA World Tours
SITA World Tours 

SITA World Tours

With over seven decades of experience, SITA World Tours is one of North America’s most reputable Tour Operators. Recognized for its highly experienced staff and customized programs, SITA was named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator in the publication’s 20th Anniversary edition

Why SITA Tours:
SITA provides unparalleled quality service, as a preferred Tour Operator for exotic destinations. With internationally certified specialists ready to serve clients daily, customer care is elegantly handled from the peaks of Patagonia to the palaces of India.

Where They Go:
Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Central America, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Russia, South America, and the South Pacific.

Don’t Miss:
Affordable India
Affordable India was created as a totally new concept in international exploration. This program is dedicated to the countless travelers who have developed a taste for adventure that extends far beyond the standard cruise or resort package -- designed to serve the specific interests and budget of the intrepid traveler. India’s evolving infrastructure has opened a world of opportunity for travelers in all categories of quality accommodations. The result is eight tantalizing itineraries providing exciting, culturally rich itineraries at remarkable savings to what one might expect -- revealing the best of this diverse and colorful nation in every way.
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