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Africa Cruises

Surrounded by the Mediterranean and Red Seas and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Africa is a natural cruise destination. The coastlines are dotted with ports that are ready to welcome cruisers who want a destination that’s out of the ordinary.

Great For:
  • Adventurous Travelers
  • Experienced Travelers
  • History Buffs and those with Cultural Interests
  • Active Retirees or those with Extra Vacation Time

Before You Go
  • Make sure your passport and any visa requirements are taken care of well in advance.
  • Check with your doctor for any special vaccinations or recommended health precautions.
  • Be aware of any cultural differences that you may encounter (being familiar with local religious or ethnic customs can greatly enhance your vacation experience).

Cairo, Egypt, is served by the ports of Alexandria and Port Said. This is the gateway to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, but Cairo itself offers the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, overflowing with artifacts such as treasures from King Tut’s tomb; and the Citadel fortress, which offers more museums and magnificent views.

Located on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, the port of Safaga is the gateway to some of Egypt's most memorable destinations: Luxor, Karnak and Thebes.

The island of Madagascar sits in the Indian Ocean opposite Mozambique, and the port of Anakao has a laid-back atmosphere with a beach, swimming, diving and surfing. Just to the south, Tsimanampetsotsa National Park’s picturesque flora and fauna include pachypodium trees and lemurs.

Due to its location perched in the northwest corner of Africa, visits to Morocco are often part of cruises that visit other Mediterranean ports. It is also featured on some repositioning cruises – when a ship makes its annual pilgrimage between Europe and the Caribbean. A visit to the Canary Islands could also be part of this itinerary. Morocco’s most famous cities include Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Tangier.

Some visitors are surprised by the impressive skyline of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. This city has a strong artistic spirit and impressive colonial-era buildings, including the Central Railway Station, the Cathedral of Maputo and the Museum of Natural History.

Located on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, the port of Safaga is the gateway to some of Egypt's most memorable destinations: Luxor, Karnak and Thebes.

On Namibia’s Atlantic Coast, Walvis Bay is a popular vacation spot. The natural lagoon is beloved by seabirds, including rare flamingos and pelicans. Try sandboarding, the sandy equivalent of snowboarding, down the sand dunes.

South Africa
The most iconic symbol of South Africa’s Cape Town, Table Mountain can be covered by a “tablecloth” of clouds – if the sky is clear, take the cable car to the top and enjoy the views. Take an excursion to see Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet; or, explore the city’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

There are a number of other South African ports, including Port Elizabeth, Durban, Richards Bay and Mossel Bay.

Dakar, Senegal, is a French-influenced city on the Atlantic. Sights and experiences include open-air markets, elegant colonial-era buildings, and the IFAN Museum of African Arts. For a look at the history of the West African slave trade, visit the museums on Goree Island.

On Africa’s Mediterranean coast, Tunis, Tunisia’s capital, lies just beyond the port of La Goulette. The souk (market) is the city’s cultural and social center: sip mint tea while bargaining for antiques, rugs and silver jewelry. Just outside Tunis are the remnants of the ancient city of Carthage, center of the Carthaginian Empire.

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